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This Year’s Topic Cycle

Year 1 and 2  Year 3 and 4  Year 5 and 6
Local Area  Captain Cook  Living Things 
Captain Cook  Art Week  Rivers 
Guy Fawkes  Living Things  Light and Vision 
Katie in London  Amazing Inventions  Shang Dynasty 
Christmas  Sound  Coding 
Religions around the World  Vile Victorians Electrical Circuits 
Lift the Teacher Challenge  D&T Challenge  Christmas 
D&T Challenge  Christmas  Earth Matters 
Katie and the Sunflowers Healthy Bodies  Internet Safety 
From Field to Fork  Lucinda and Godfrey  Mayan Dynasty 
Lucinda and Godfrey  Internet Safety  Sound and Hearing 
The Sweetest Song  Prehistoric Britain  People and Places 
On Sudden Hill  Go Wild  Food and Enterprise 
Granddad’s Island  Extreme Environments  Anglo Saxons 
  Evolutionary Eqyptians  Lucinda and Godfrey 
  Memories of Redcar   
  Light and Vision