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Good to be green

In school every child has a ‘Good to be Green‘ card which they start each day off with.

If you do something that breaks one of our school rules, you will be given a verbal warning about this behaviour and asked to stop.

If you decide to continue with this behaviour or break another rule you will be given a strike and your green card will turn Yellow.

If you continue to choose the wrong behaviour you will receive another strike.

A third strike changes your card to Red and you will have to stay in at playtime to complete some work set for you.

The colour of your card is recorded everyday and is used to pick children for special treats.

• If you get 10 Green days in a row you can pick a prize from our prize pot.

• If you have less than 2 Red since the last film club you are able to come to the next film club free of charge.

• If you have good behaviour each term we have special treats such as going to the pantomime free of charge.

We also have prizes for Stars of the WeekStars of the Term and Stars of the Year in each class.