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Mobile Technology

At Riverdale we embrace the use of Mobile Technologies to enhance our children’s learning. Rather than isolated ICT lessons, the mobile devices allow our children to use and apply ICT skills across the curriculum everyday and their use of ICT is an integral part of their school day.

Each class from Nursery up to Year 4 have their own set of iPads they can use each day across the curriculum. In Year 5 & 6 each of our children have the opportunity to use an individual iPad in and out of school.

We have found the use of these devices have improved children’s engagement in tasks, the ability to respond to children’s needs as lessons progress and develop more personalised learning programmes.

We are very proud that our children have been regularly chosen to talk about the impact that these devices have on their learning at leading events for Heads and Leaders of the education establishments from this country as well as others, and even MP’s and Peers at the House of Lords!