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Riverdale Rules

To help keep our school a happy and safe place to be we all try to follow the Riverdale Rules :

There are 12 easy steps to follow which are :

1. To use only a kind voice when speaking to other people.

2.To always let other people get on with their work.

3.To work hard and try my best at everything I do.

4.To keep trying, even when something seems difficult.

5.When I am in the school building use an inside voice.

6.To listen to other people when they are speaking.

7.To keep my hands and feet to myself.

8.To follow instructions I am given by adults in school.

9.To walk when I am in the school building.

10.To look after the equipment I use in school.

11.To play safe games at playtimes.

12.To help others to follow all of our rules.